Rockaway Park, NY

Physical Exams in Rockaway Park, NY

Do you need a physical exam before you can participate in a sports or camp program? Has a potential employer asked for a doctor’s authorization before you can start working? Regular physical exams are an important part of managing your health. But getting an appointment with your regular doctor for a complete physical exam could take days or even weeks. When you need a prompt, thorough physical exam in Rockaway Park, NY, the medical team at Bayview Urgent Care is at your service.

The Prompt, Dependable Care You Need

At Bayview Urgent Care, we’ve dedicated ourselves to maintaining a friendly, welcoming, and professional environment. From the moment you walk in the door, you can expect to be treated with the care and respect you deserve. From our office staff to our caring medical team, everyone here strives to provide the best possible patient experience.

You don’t have to wait weeks for your physical exam. Contact our facility in Rockaway Park, NY today to learn more about our medical services or to schedule an appointment.


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